We help people manage their diabetes with innovative hardware and software tools

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Automated data transfer

Diabeto is compatible with more than 30 glucometers and we are continuously striving to make the diabeto hardware compatible with more meters and soon CGMs. Diabeto hardware works with iOS and Android mobile phones.


Track important parameters

In addition to your blood glucose, you can track the food, stress level, insulin including Bolus and Basal and your exercise activity with Diabeto mobile application. Our cloud engine securely stores this data and analyses using algorithms to understand the dynamics of Diabetes.


Get a
holistic view

Data is king. We present the data in a way that is easily comprehendible not only for the health care practitioners but also most importantly you, the person living with Diabetes. You can then take actionable steps to reduce adverse outcomes.


Get expert diet coaching

We understand that each person is different. Similarly diabetes is unique for every person. The needs are unique and that’s why our expert Diabetes diet coaches help you at every step in managing your diabetes and helping you attain your health outcomes with utmost care, support and motivation. (currently available only for Indian citizens)