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On World diabetes day, we have the honor of featuring our fav. Ninjabetic’s blog post on our blog. Remember, Stay calm and fight on…

When it comes to my diabetes and technology it doesn’t take much to impress me. I’m very much one for having the latest gadgets and gizmos, however having insulin that can be injected to keep me alive is just… WOW!! It’s amazing to think that with a few tools and the correct education people with diabetes can manage their condition.

That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the technology that’s around these days. My lifestyle is fast furious and fun… and I finally have a diabetes accessory to reflect that.
When my dietician handed over my new Accu-Check Aviva Expert meter my eyes sparkled like a ninja in a sweet shop! A new toy to help me get better glucose levels was just what I needed. I’d heard great things about the Expert and the detailed information and reports it gives the user. I was excited to get started and find out for myself.

I decided to name my meter (yep, you heard right.. I named it). As its function was largely to lance me… a lot… it was knighted Sir Lancelot!

Sir Lancelot and I started a journey 11 months ago with my HbA1c at 8.9 mmol/l – 74%

Sir Lancelot was has been very good to me I must say. He gives me my results quickly and usually without any fuss; it’s rare that I see the words ERROR written on his little face. He asks me to tell him how I’m feeling; if I’m sick, exercising, stressed or on ladies week. He asks if I’m going to be eating or if I’ve already eaten… all very considerate! He then tells me how much insulin I should take at that precise time. What more could I want??

Well Sir Lancelot does do more! He stores all of my information in his mind and lets me see it whenever and however I like! I can view 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 days worth of information in various charts graphs and tables (In colour too!) Sir Lancelot definitely fits into my fast furious and fun life… excellent team work!
Now I can see patterns in fluctuations with my blood glucose results, see if I’m hitting targets that my diabetes consultant and I have set (my goals are to have levels within 5-10) and adjust my insulin accordingly. With a few taps of a button I can change the amount of insulin that I require at different times of the day depending on how many cabs I’m eating. I can also programme corrective insulin doses for different times of the day depending on what my body needs.

Add to the functionality the awesome design; small neat and funky and we have a winning combination!
So 11 months into our diabetes journey and my HbA1c loomed. I was nervous about my results, though I think a bit of fear is healthy and to be expected. I ‘ve just received my results and they were…. *drum roll* ….7.9mmol/l – 63% I know that they still need to be improved and I need to put in more work to get them to where I want to be, but I was hugely pleased with this result! In 11 years I’ve never had a result that low… heck before my 8.9 in January 2012 my previous results had always been 14+

I’ll always recognize the importance of daily blood glucose testing now, but it’s what I do with the result that makes the difference. Thankfully I have Sir Lancelot to help me along the way.

So cheers to Sir Lancelot my Expert meter… he’s a great diabetes companion! May we continue our bloody journey the way we started… fast furious and fun!

You can check Ninjabetic’s blog in here –

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