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Enter the Diabeto alpha testing phase and avail your free diabeto NOW!

Hello Rockstars!

Its been a while right? Well, 2.5 years to be precise. Yep, we have been researching since 2 and a half years and have been through major ups and downs, just like our sugars! but yes, finally we have the hardware, iOS application and even the API ready for testing! Yep, so without wasting any time, take control of your diabetes and register for your free diabeto in here –

Currently, we are giving away limited numbers of Diabeto for free and just to recap, the application is for iOS only. The application works on iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. We would be providing the testers with iOS application as well.

The following Glucometers are compatible with the devices for alpha testing,

1. Bayer Breeze 2

2. Caresense N

3. Caresense N Pop

4. Contour TM

5. Contour TS

6. Contour Next EZ

7. Glucocard Vital

8. Glucocard 01

9. Mendor

10. One touch Ultra 2

11. One touch Ultra Easy

12. Reli-On Confirm

13. Reli-On Prime

14. Freestyle Lite

So lets get started and kick Diabetes on its backside with Diabeto. Alpha testing Registration link –

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