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Bugs and Errors found during Alpha testing phase

Greetings everyone! Hope you have been keeping those BG’s in check. As many of you would be knowing that we have begun the alpha testing phase and yes, immense thanks for everyone who have been patient in testing the hardware device and the iOS application. We wanted to report the bugs which were found in the hardware device and the iOS application.

1. Hardware Adapter Issue: A few testers reported that they couldn’t connect Diabeto to certain Glucometers such as One Touch Ultra 2, One Touch Ultra Easy/Mini, Bayer Breeze 2, Contour TS, TM, EZ, Freestyle freedom light because the Diabeto pin was smaller than the 3.5mm data transfer port. We have included an additional adapter which would fit on top of Diabeto. There was one faulty adapter and we sincerely apologize for the same.

IMG_0351  IMG_1316IMG_0352





2. Power (Switch on) Issue: This was one error which was reported and this led us to changing the entire redesign of the power section. Yep, this was a super rare issue and we completely couldn’t think that this issue will ever arise.

IMG_0347  So here was the scenario, we had charged the Diabeto, had quality checked it and had packed it however due     to certain operational delay, that Diabeto wasn’t shipped for 3 months. When we shipped the Diabeto to the  alpha tester, they couldn’t switch on the Diabeto for the first time. We couldn’t believe this scenario and I personally wanted to check what was the issue so I scheduled a Skype video meeting and noticed a strange phenomenon, the Diabeto hardware was not getting switched on but there was a flickering green light and then I remembered that the green light was indicating of the developer mode which means the battery was either completely drained out or there was something wrong with the entire circuit. We recalled that Diabeto and indeed the battery had completely discharged and the power circuit couldn’t bring Diabeto back to life from dead. Well, this was a rare problem but nevertheless a problem and we acknowledged it. After a lot of thinking, we decided to completely revamp the power section of Diabeto. We prototyped the section and made the circuit. Voila, it works perfectly fine which means no more complete battery discharge! Phew!

3. App issue: In case of software applications, the best part is, one can prototype and fix errors super fast. We received many complaints/bugs when the app was used in mmol/l, the readings were not displayed correctly, we have fixed those issues! Yep, this was the same reason why the Glucose tracking was removed from Healthkit in iOS 8, we have fixed those errors but Apple hasn’t yet. We receive a pat on our back! 😉

The testing is still on and we are working on a completely new feature set, yep, will reveal that soon but now most importantly, we are working on the Android application and making the hardware and iOS application rock solid and guess what, we are nearing launch. Yep, we are preparing for a commercial launch and we will be releasing some big news super soon! Till then, take it easy and keep those BG’s in check! 🙂

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