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Manufacturing, Application and API update

Hello Awesome backers! (Indiegogo backers)

Hope you guys are rocking! We wanted to give you a quick update on what’s happening at our end,

1. We are in the process of manufacturing a small batch of Diabetos’ for testing the readiness of the manufacturing belt and also the compatibility of the hardware with Android devices (Mobile phones)

2. A small batch of Diabetos would be manufactured by the end of May 2015 and then we will be running a small pilot with Android and iOS application and testing it for bugs.

3. Simultaneously, we are manufacturing the mold for the outer casing and designing the manuals and quick start guide, they would be completed by end of May 2015 as well.

4. The iOS API is completed and we are testing it for possible bugs and readiness to be deployed!

5. Android API is near completion and should be completed in the next 15 days time and then we would be testing it.

6. Android app is being tested with various Glucometers and it should be ready in another 30 days time.

7. We are on schedule for sourcing and also for manufacturing and mostly, we should start shipping before the scheduled shipment date which is September 2015.

Again, we are open to bulk inquiries, get in touch,

We are excited on how this is turning and hope to get the cute birdie in your hands soon!

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