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Diabeto private beta for iOS application + Cloud begins

Diabeto Android and iOS application Intro screen

First of all, massive thanks to all the awesome people who have been helping us with testing the Android application and the cloud. With your help, we have been able to solve many bugs which we couldn’t detect ourselves.

Now its time for the mighty iOS users to flex their muscles. We will be launching the iOS private beta testing next week. If you want to help us by testing the application and get a feel of how the application is, please fill this small questionnaire and we will get back to you –

There’s more, with the iOS application, you will also get access to the Diabeto cloud. Diabeto cloud helps you get a deep insight in your current diabetes management and also if you want to take a free video consultation from one of our panel endocrinologist, you can try and complete the entire diabetes management.

And remember, we are in it together, together we will fight Diabetes!

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