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Diabeto – Bringing smiles to people with diabetes in 2016!

We know, we know that this is another update from another startup/company letting you know about how awesome their year has been but…seriously, our year indeed was awesome and since you are the one who made it special for us, we are letting you know the updates, albeit short and sweet, yep, don’t wanna bore you much.

1. Indiegogo Campaign:

First of all, 2015 started with a bang, the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, we raised $18,945 from dedicated supporters who believed in us. We do apologise again for the delay in shipping the hardware devices as there were unprecedented manufacturing challenges and they were made worse with software challenges too. However, we have sorted those problems and finally we are entering into manufacturing in January. The tooling has been set, the packaging has been designed, Shipping has been sorted and Our hardware team is all set to travel to China in January, expect regular updates on manufacturing from January on our blog and in here.

2. Diabeto RED IR Adapter

We finished the final device for IR Glucometers (Accuchek series), Diabeto RED and its fully functional as well. The manufacturing of the same would also be in January.

Compatible glucometers
3. More Glucometer compatibility

We added more glucometer compatibility and aiming to add more compatibility to Glucometers and hopefully CGMs too 🙂

4. Diabeto Android application + Cloud

Finally, we released our Android application along with cloud application. This was a massive step and we wanted to make sure that the application caters to everyone, even with people who won’t be using Diabeto hardware in the future. We want to make sure that via Diabeto, you get complete 360 degree diabetes care and hence we are also toying with doctor video consultation and even caregiver access via the application. We would like to hear your opinion on this one.

You can download the FREE Android application here –

5. B2B Diabeto SDK

We were getting many requests from hospitals, clinics and other diabetes companies for integrating readings from the Diabeto hardware into their mobile applications. We listened to them and coded the hardware SDK. We have already piloted with a few companies and if you want to integrate your mobile app with Diabeto hardware then do get in touch with us at

Finally, 2016 would be the year when Diabeto hardware will see the light of the day and with it would be added features which would take the stress out of your Diabetes management. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us on

Wishing you a very happy new year! 🙂

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