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Tutorial: How to transfer data from Bayer Contour Next USB to Diabeto Android app

otg-cableWe have been getting the question of how to transfer data from USB meters such as Bayer Contour Next USB, so here you go…

Some points to keep in mind before trying to sync the meter with the app.

  1. The USB meters are compatible with only our Android application as Apple doesn’t allow data transfer via the USB for security reasons. (too bad)
  2. You would need a USB OTG cable to sync the readings. Early Indiegogo supporters would have received the OTG cable from us or else, you can get the OTG cable from Amazon or if you are in USA, from any Radioshack near you. Here is a quick link for Amazon – USB OTG Cable

Now lets get to the actual tutorial, We are using the latest Moto G4 (4th generation) v 6.0.1 for data transfer, we have tested this meter on Nexus 5 (Marshmallow) and Xiaomi Mi3.


Step 1: Select the correct meter in settings screen

After taking your blood glucose reading with the meter. Open the Diabeto Android application and click on the settings screen tab menu at the bottom, in the settings screen, leave the Scan Diabeto ID blank as that is needed only with Diabeto birdie or Diabeto RED device. Select the correct Glucometer, which in this case will be “Contour Next USB”


Step 2: Connect the OTG cable as shown above

Connect the USB OTG cable as shown above, the meter should turn on (If it was switched off) and should show “Charging” status.


Step 3: Allow USB permissions

Click on the sync (+) button on the top right of the screen, immediately, you will get a prompt asking for USB permissions, please tick the box and click ok.


Step 4: Sync complete and add other parameters if needed.

After allowing the USB permissions, the data should transfer immediately and the “Add Entry” screen should pop up. You can add more parameters if you need and save the data. That’s it, you are done!

Let us know if you face any difficulties syncing the data using this meter or in general. You can email us your support queries to We promise to reply back within 24 hours.


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