Diabeto App Services Will Stop on July 16, 2018

We began Diabeto in 2012 to help people with diabetes improve their health. After more than six years, we will be discontinuing Diabeto services. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Why are you discontinuing Diabeto?:

Last year Diabeto was acquired by Livongo and we are now focused on other ways to positively impact people with diabetes.

Will my existing data be available?

Starting July 16, 2018, you won’t be able to upload new readings into your app. The Diabeto phone app may display existing readings after that time, but no new readings will upload.

Will a new Diabeto app be available?

The Diabeto app will no longer be available from the app stores starting on April 16th, 2018.

How do I download my readings?

You can easily download all of your readings in the Diabeto app to a .xlsx file before July 16, 2018 by following these easy steps

Steps to export your data

Will my Birdie or Red devices still upload data?

Starting on July 16, 2018, these devices will no longer upload data.

What alternative diabetes tracking apps can I user?

You may consider the mySugr app available for iOS and Android.

Who can I talk to with questions?

Please email contactus@diabe.to with any questions.

The Diabeto Team