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Accuchek Connect

Compatible OS

  • android
    Android v4.4 and above
  • apple
    Coming Soon
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How to Pair glucometer with Diabeto App ?

Step 1: Select Glucometer from the list in the settings screen
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Step 2: Keep the Glucometer switched ON . You can do so by pressing the OK button on the Glucometer.
Step 3: In the Glucometer go to Settings >> (Scroll Down) Select Wireless >> Select Pairing >> Pair Device. Turn the Bluetooth ON in your device and open the Diabeto App and the touch the Plus button on the top right corner of your app.
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Step 4: Enter the Bluetooth code of Glucometer in your Diabeto App.

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NOTE: If this screen does not appear, check in your Phone's Bluetooth settings and pair the Glucometer device from there.

Step 5: Your Glucometer device is paired.
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Step 6: When the device is paired for the first time the data gets transferred automatically. However, and it will prompt you to set this as default, you can choose to opt YES.
Step 7: To transfer the data next time, turn ON the Glucometer go to My Data > Data Transfer > Wireless > Choose Device. In the Diabeto App touch the Plus button in top right corner of your screen and press Connect.

If you are facing any issues with data transfer, kindily contact us at

Diabeto is a diabetes data management software/tool intended for individuals with diabetes and their health care professionals/providers to review, analyse and evaluate the data directly from their device to support effective diabetes management remotely. Diabeto connects/is compatible to FDA cleared meters and allows users to transfer their glucometer device data to their mobile phones. Diabeto does not provide treatment decisions or acts as a substitute for professional healthcare advice/decisions.